Are you interested in creating a vibrant office environment as unique as you are? Adding pops of color and design with bright, bold fabrics on tack boards, cabinet fronts and seating is a fun option. The possibilities are endless!

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6 ways to spruce up your office area

We have all been there – seeing those office cubicles in rows and rows underneath the brightness of fluorescent lights, with the closest thing to a color being grey or beige…all uniform, and possibly making you feel a little uninspired. Thankfully, there are swatches beyond swatches of colors to choose from for your office panels, tack boards and chairs – not to mention an unlimited amount of laminate choices to choose from for your work surface. However, if you are looking for some quick and easy upgrades to your workspace and are not able to go the route of refurbishing your area, check out the simple ideas below!

1. Upgrade your office supplies:

Just because you may have to work in a specific area not necessarily of your choosing, doesn’t mean you can’t brighten it up and make it more unique to you with fun or modern office supplies!

modern office supplies


2. Bring plants into your space:

Plants not only bring some color and freshness to your desk area, but will bring extra oxygen, too! Succulents are great plants to have with their small amount of upkeep, and you can choose any style of containers to put them in.

succulents in office areas


3. Use fun document organizers:

There are many shops that sell fun organizers like these Kikkerland animal ones to help bring modern touches into your office space.

kikkerland animal organizers


4. Grab a quirky calendar:

We all need calendars of some sort to keep us organized in our lives…while you are working, it’s nice to have an actual wall calendar hung up in your cubicle to remind you of what’s to come for the week!

quirky wall calendars


5. DIY mouse pad:

This simple tutorial from Wonder Forest will give you the ability to make your own mouse pad – you can choose any fabric or design you would like!

diy mousepad wonderforest


6. Make your cubicle your own art space:

The nice thing about having a cubicle, is that you have your own walls that turn into tack boards with the snap of your fingers. Decide on a style or theme you are interested in for your walls, and post up whichever photos or items you love!

cool office spaces


What do you do to spruce up your office space? Let us know on Twitter!


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